Food and Beverages

Barrier Roll Stock
Non Barrier Roll Stock
Open Bottom Pouches
Open Top Pouches
Juice Pouches
Pouches with Spouts
Laminated Wicket Bags
Loose Pack Bags
Resealable Pouches/Bags
Thermoform Films
Vacuum Pouches
Laminated Zipper Pouches
Laminated or Single Layer Film
Vapor-Metalized and Aluminum Layers
Hang Hole Application


Laminated Barrier Films
Stand Up Pouches
Retort Packaging
Laminated Zipper Pouches
Vapor-Metalized and Aluminum Layers


Wicket Bags with Micro Perforation
Non Wicket Bags with Micro Perforation
Micro Perforated Roll Stock Films

Pet Foods and Treats

Flat Bottom Pouches with/without Zipper
Stand Up Pouches with/without Zipper/Slider
Portion Pouches
Large PP Woven Technology
High End Graphics
High Barrier Laminates
Dry Pet Food Pouches
Wet Pet Food Pouches

Lawn and Garden

Flat Pouches
Stand Up Pouches
Pin Hole Punctures
High End Graphics
High Barrier Laminates
Flower Sleeves


K – Seal Bags
Doyen Seal Bags
4 Corner Seal Bags
Side Seal Gusseted Bags
Center Seal Gusseted Bags
Concealed Seal Gusseted Bags
Foil and Metalized Film
Other High Barrier Film
Tin Ties to Add Freshness
One Way Degassing Valve

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