Who We Are.

Innovation, Quality, Competitive Pricing, Customer Service.
Global custom flexible packaging solutions and logistics provider.
Comprehensive packaging material knowledge base.

What We Offer.

High-tech,sophisticated flexible packaging for most industries, including but not limited to food and pharmaceutical packaging.
Manageable minimum order quantities.
Laminated zippered pouches, for products such as beef jerky.
Wicketted bags with zipper and micro perforation.
Laminated or single layer roll film, including metalized and aluminum.
Co-extruded film structures for barrier and vacuum applications.

What Are You Looking For?

Already know what you are looking for? Or are you looking to get recommendations on material, size, and/or shape of the packaging needed for your particular product? We would be happy to help you with some R&D to get your products off and running. Click on the link below to provide us some more information on what you need or want.

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